Went Up to the Mountains This Weekend

Of course we figured that the snow was probably going to be gone soon, but we did our homework and found out that there was plenty in some places. So about half a dozen of us rented a cabin up near the ski resort and we packed up our stuff and went skiing. Of course we drank a little and that may have contributed to the wipe out that I had. In fact I had to go see a Beverly Hills chiropractor when we got back, because my lower back really got pretty stiff the next morning. It was not any fun for me, but I am mostly going to blame the sun. There was a lot of snow on the slopes, but it had been really sunny that day and then it got colder as we went back on the slopes to ski one last time before we packed up to go back to Los Angeles. I am pretty sure that I hit an icy place.

At any rate the fall was not the part that hurt me. It was the stopping. That came courtesy of a pretty solid tree trunk. I knew right off that I was hurt pretty good, but I felt lucky to be feeling the pain. This was the sort of thing that you do not always get up and walk away from. I did not get up very quickly and I did more hobbling than walking when I did. Still I was leaving on my own steam and not taking that stretcher the ski patrol drags around behind their ski mobiles. It was really painful, but you know that you are alive when you can feel the pain. I was really happy when the pain went away from me after I went to see the chiropractor.