The Ultimate Donald Trump News Feed

After the election I looked around for a Trump news feed and was surprised I couldn’t find one. I’m an ignoramus when it comes to doing stuff on the computer, so setting up my own reader and stocking it with sites is definitely beyond my abilities, but I thought surely someone would come up with a way to aggregate the stories about President Trump in one easy to read place. I am happy to say I finally found a site that I would say is the ultimate Donald Trump news feed site. It’s amazing and easy to use.

At any given time you can scroll through page after page of articles about Donald Trump. I got sick of looking at the usual suspects, most of whom are heavily biased against the outsider Trump sweeping into the White House and breaking the elites’ toys, and I also didn’t have the time to comb numerous sites trying to find all the stories. Trump sucks all the oxygen out of any situation so there are always more stories going up and it’s impossible to follow all of them by bouncing around the internet.

I’m impressed they’ve got around seventy different sites from which they’re pulling stories. Even better is that they’re pulling them from different partisan sources so you’re definitely getting a more balanced view of the president and his actions than you would if you sat in front of the television turning into a zombie watching MSNBC meltdowns. My only beef, which is minor, is that they could probably add even more sources. I hope they do. I’m saving at least an hour a day in news reading by just perusing the feed. That gives me more time to do actual real life things away from the computer that don’t involve following politics!