My Sister Has Moved Back to Boston

When my sister told me she was moving here, I was so excited. I knew that she had been hoping to find a job around here, and I was just thrilled that she was coming back home. I told her she could stay with us as long as she wants, since my husband and I do have a guest bedroom. We just had a baby a few months ago though, and she told me she did not want to interfere. She had looked at apartments for rent in Boston area and found a really nice one that she had already managed to secure for herself.

What I liked about it is that it is only about 15 minutes from me. Considering she had lived over ten hours from me prior to her moving back, this was a huge blessing for both of us. I was really excited that she was going to see her nephew grow up in person rather than via video chatting. When she finally got settled in, I went over there to visit. I was blown away by how nice her apartment is. I knew that it was going to be nice inside just because of how it looks on the outside, but that was really wild actually seeing it.

What I like best about everything there is her view. She is able to open her curtains and look out at the most glorious sunrises around. Her apartment is spacious and very inviting, plus she has a lot of things she can do right there at the apartment complex. She won’t have to join a gym or a swim club because both of those things are offered right there along with so many other things. I am just so glad she is back home, and it looks like it is for good too!