My Dog Tripped Me Up

I used to go running with my dog at least twice a week. I live near a park that has a lot of running trails throughout it, and we just had a good time together. The last time we went running together was about a year ago. We have walked the trails since, but I learned my lesson about running with my pooch. He got excited when he saw a loose dog, and he took off after him. I tried to keep up, but I stumbled and fell. I knew immediately that I needed chiropractic care when I got up because I was just in a world of pain in my lower back area.

I knew that it was something more than just a sore area that could be healed with a couple of pain killers. This was much worse, and I hobbled back to the car, hoping that I would be able to get in to see my chiropractor that same day. That is one of the good things about having a chiropractor that you see on a regular basis. He has taught me to be in tune with my body, which is how I knew that something had happened that required his touch.

Even though my next appointment was over a month away, he was able to get me in that day. He took an X-ray but was not able to find anything seriously wrong that way. He did an adjustment on me, and I felt better, but there was still some pain. He told me that I should get a massage, which he offered for later on that day, and that is what did the trick. I still walk my dog, but we are done running together because he is just not trained well enough right now to not do things like that.