I Refused to Back Down to the Insurance Companies

I thought that it was going to be easy to deal with the insurance company when my husband was involved in an accident. He was not at fault at all, and the other driver admitted that he fell asleep at the wheel, causing the chain reaction. My husband suffered extensive injuries, but they were not life threatening. He did miss about six weeks of work, and then he was on light duty for a few more months. I ended up having to hire a Sacramento personal injury attorney though because the insurance company denied our claim.

I thought everything was straight forward, and I had all of the documentation to prove everything. I had even seen the police report that stated the details of the accident as well as everyone who was injured. Because there were multiple vehicles involved, the claim kept getting bounced around from one insurance company to the next. Every time I called for an update, I was given a run around. I finally had enough, and I went online to find out what our rights were in this. We had used up our entire savings, and we were on the verge of bankruptcy because of all the work we both missed because of his injuries.

I knew what the insurance companies was doing was not right, and I am not one to sit back and let them do whatever they want. I gave them plenty of time, but now we were playing by my rules. I contacted a highly regarded attorney who has extensive experience in personal injury lawsuits, and he ended up taking our case on. I do believe he was even amazed that the insurance companies were doing what they were doing. He was able to get things moving a lot faster, and we finally have the settlement that we deserve. I think the insurance companies were just hoping to wear us down, but we fought back instead!