I Needed to Move Closer to Work

When I was transferred to our office in Dallas, I was so excited because it meant that I was getting a really nice raise, and it was for a job that I had invested a lot of time into earning. The only downfall is that it is 20 minutes from my old work site, which means that a 40 minute commute one way had just turned into an hour one way. I knew that I needed to look at City North apartments in Dallas because I just could not see myself losing two hours of time just from driving every day.

I had been considering a move for a while anyway, but I wanted to see where I was going to end up first. Now that I finally knew, I was done biding my time. I started searching for an apartment the same day that I found out about my promotion, and I found a great apartment complex that is only about two miles from where I now work. Turning a one hour drive into a five minute drive is the best thing about this entire move. However, there are plenty of other good things about it too.

I really like the apartment complex that I now live at. It has so many things that I never had use of before, like a fitness center and swimming pools. I feel safe here because there are night patrols that are always around, and it is in a really good part of town too. Even the parking is spectacular here, since I no longer have to worry about getting caught in a downpour since there are carports and covered parking areas. Everything about this apartment and the grounds feel right to me, and it is amazing to have so much more time to myself now too.