I Got into a Little Accident

I got into a little accident the other day and I wound up having to go to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA. I got hit pretty hard by the other car and I guess that I got some sort of whiplash type of problem out of it. At first I did not think that it had any real effect, although I was really caught off guard by the wreck. It really was a surprise, because I was thinking about something else in a very complete way. That was my fault, but other than that I was just sitting at a light. In fact I had rather little to do with this. I was just sitting at a light on the way home from work a couple of weeks ago. I did see the cause of it, I was checking her out too. It was a really nice day, especially compared to how cold it had been lately. There was a gas station on the corner and there was a really gorgeous girl in a white sun dress putting gas in her car. The guy behind me was checking her out when he should have been braking.

The hot girl was annoyed with the two of us, she wanted to get out and go the same way that we had both been going. Of course I could not do very much, although I smiled at her. She did not smile back, neither did any of the other people who were trying to get home from work. The car was pretty beat up in the back and I was lucky that I had left plenty of room between me and the car in front of me. I came so close to him that he got out and looked to make sure I had not dinged his bumper.