I Can Do Extreme Sports Because of Help from My Chiropractor, Medical Doctor and a Couple of Surgeons

Okay, so I suppose I could be classed as dumb or even insane by some people. I like extreme sports, and I have been injured doing them. I train and train to reduce the likelihood of injury, but I have been knocked around a few times. When I learned I could earn a living at it, I had to be at the top of my game to be able to earn the most that I could in the short window of time I could do it. I do rely on doctors and surgeons to fix things. The Sacramento chiropractic center that I go to also helps me with a lot of immediate and long term pain relief for my back as well.

When you see an athlete perform, they do make it look effortless. I am not sure if anything could be any further from the truth. It is not effortless. It takes years of hard work and discipline to get your body to perform the tasks that make something look effortless. You even get a lot of skill in avoiding injury. We learn to fall and minimize damage from collisions. Protective gear helps us survive impacts that would otherwise cause a lot more damage or even death. I suppose we are adrenaline junkies who want to see how far we can push ourselves. Then, if you do the thing that is dangerous for a living, you suddenly have to perform on demand. Your games or events are on a schedule, and no one really cares if you do not feel good. They want to see you perform at the scheduled time. This can really set you up for an injury.

My back argues with me practically every single day. I keep going because of help from the Sacramento chiropractic center I go to for regular adjustments and therapy. I am not pain free, but I can still do all that I need to do because of not having debilitating pain from the abuse I have caused on my own body over the years.