I Am Getting Around on Crutches

It was just a normal day and I was doing pretty much the same thing that I would do on any Tuesday morning at around half past seven. I decided to stop for a chicken biscuit, with extra pickles and a cup of black coffee. I was sitting there waiting to turn into the diner when I saw the guy coming towards me. He was pretty much flying and so was the sheriff’s car that was chasing him. The car that pulled out in front of them was not paying good attention. A Peoria chiropractor ended up working on my back after they let me out of the hospital. That took around a day and a half, although it was not bad as it could have been. I was beat up and I realized that my left leg was probably broken at once. Of course once I got my senses I had a real strong desire to get the heck away from that car. I could very clearly smell gasoline and obviously you do not want to wait around and see if it is going to go up in flames.

I had my phone in my pocket and my boss called up and started to yell at me while they were putting me in the ambulance. Of course at the time I did not much care what he had to say, but I told him to call up my wife and tell her that I was on the way to the hospital and that I was okay. Right now my back pain is gone pretty much and I am getting used to getting around on this crutch, but I am pretty mad at the guy that started all of it. He was still out drinking and driving while everyone else was on the way to work.