I Am Getting Around on Crutches

It was just a normal day and I was doing pretty much the same thing that I would do on any Tuesday morning at around half past seven. I decided to stop for a chicken biscuit, with extra pickles and a cup of black coffee. I was sitting there waiting to turn into the diner when I saw the guy coming towards me. He was pretty much flying and so was the sheriff’s car that was chasing him. The car that pulled out in front of them was not paying good attention. A Peoria chiropractor ended up working on my back after they let me out of the hospital. (more…)

Keeping My Back Strong to Keep Working Until Retirement

I switched from a job reaching up over my head all day running cables to one that has me bent over or reaching down into service tunnels to feed cable. I remember when I first started the overhead job how my arms and back hurt. Now my back hurt down low for the first time. I went back to my favorite Redding chiropractor to see what was going on. All those years of working with my arms over my head have really built up the muscles in my upper back, but my lower back was getting a little weak. I was working those muscles and also putting pressure on the nerves due to my new working positions.

A few adjustments and following an exercise regimen that the doctor gave me really took care of the pain. Then I started to have some upper back pain. (more…)

Went Up to the Mountains This Weekend

Of course we figured that the snow was probably going to be gone soon, but we did our homework and found out that there was plenty in some places. So about half a dozen of us rented a cabin up near the ski resort and we packed up our stuff and went skiing. Of course we drank a little and that may have contributed to the wipe out that I had. In fact I had to go see a Beverly Hills chiropractor when we got back, because my lower back really got pretty stiff the next morning. It was not any fun for me, but I am mostly going to blame the sun. There was a lot of snow on the slopes, but it had been really sunny that day and then it got colder as we went back on the slopes to ski one last time before we packed up to go back to Los Angeles. (more…)