It Started with a Simple Idea

Using an app developer in Singapore, I was able to bring a dream of mine into creation. I always wanted to make a game, but I had no programming knowledge. There’s one thing that my father always told me, and that was that if you don’t know how to do something, you can either learn, or pay someone else to do it. I decided to go with the later and the developer that I found was able to help me turn my game idea into a reality. I came up with a simple game idea that featured numbers in boxes, and the player had to move them around to get rid of them.

My idea was based on a puzzle that I played with as a child. I came up with the rules for the game and showed them to the developer to see how hard would be to turn into a game. The developer said that it wouldn’t be too difficult to do at all. (more…)

My Dog Tripped Me Up

I used to go running with my dog at least twice a week. I live near a park that has a lot of running trails throughout it, and we just had a good time together. The last time we went running together was about a year ago. We have walked the trails since, but I learned my lesson about running with my pooch. He got excited when he saw a loose dog, and he took off after him. I tried to keep up, but I stumbled and fell. I knew immediately that I needed chiropractic care when I got up because I was just in a world of pain in my lower back area.

I knew that it was something more than just a sore area that could be healed with a couple of pain killers. (more…)

The Ultimate Donald Trump News Feed

After the election I looked around for a Trump news feed and was surprised I couldn’t find one. I’m an ignoramus when it comes to doing stuff on the computer, so setting up my own reader and stocking it with sites is definitely beyond my abilities, but I thought surely someone would come up with a way to aggregate the stories about President Trump in one easy to read place. I am happy to say I finally found a site that I would say is the ultimate Donald Trump news feed site. It’s amazing and easy to use.

At any given time you can scroll through page after page of articles about Donald Trump. (more…)